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Custom shirts online: The top 3 materials that make a good-quality garment

If you’re into custom shirts online, then you do know they are more than style. The quality of the shirts matters too. After all, you will only want to wear these custom shirts more often if they feel comfortable.

When you’re placing an order for a shirt online, what is the first thing you look?

Is it the color, materials, quality, or style?

The only way you can buy the best custom shirts online if you aren’t compromising on the quality. You must check the fabric used in making them. Moreover, the design effectiveness depends on the custom shirts raw materials.

As much as you want to look good in custom shirts, elements like comfort, fit, and durability do make a note. The following are some materials used in the manufacturing of custom shirts online. And these are an assurance of good quality.

The best materials to make good custom shirts online 


Referred to as the king of fabrics., cotton is a common material for shirts. It is because it provides a nice mixture of softness, breathability, and comfort for casual wear. Below are some popular kinds of cotton in the market.

  • Organic cotton: A slightly more expensive than its counterparts, organic cotton is free from chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides. It is an eco-friendly and sustainable fabric, which feels soft to touch.
  • Combed cotton: This cotton undertakes another round of treatment before being spun into a yarn. It is super soft, smooth, and durable to make new clothes and has a long shelf-life.
  • Slub: A light and airy fabric, this cotton doesn’t cling to your body and comes in a unique texture, forming slight lumps in the weaving process. More so, this fabric doesn’t require any ironing.
  • Pima/Supima: The highest quality of cotton., it comes in extralong fibers making it soft and durable. The fabric becomes soft with every wash, does not fade or stretch post-subsequent washes.

Regardless of the cotton type you choose, cotton comes with a high absorption capacity. So, it can absorb colors and paints. So, choose a printing method that is water-based ink, contains a high level of detail, and is an ideal choice.


Another popular choice is one used to make sports apparel, polyester. It is quick-drying, comfortable, shape-holding, less prone to shrink and stretch even with multiple washes, and comfortable fabric.

Poly-Cotton blend:

A 50:50 mix of polyester and cotton, this fabric combines the best of both worlds – Cotton and polyester. Also, it is an affordable option for those who don’t want to invest in 100% cotton fabrics. It holds its shape, does not shrink easily and is the basis of custom shirts online.