Guide on How to Choose the Correct Custom Tuxedo

Wearing a custom tuxedo gives you a charming debonair mixed with elegance. The correctly styled tuxedo increases the attractiveness and will help you stand out from the crowd. Although these are a garment worn popularly by celebrities and leaders, the understanding of when and where to wear and how to wear them remains a mystery to many. This guide brings to you the quick deciding factors to keep into consideration when choosing the right one.

Occasion- All your key buying decisions should be centered around when you want to wear the clothing. The first thing to know is how to distinguish custom suits cheap from a tuxedo in terms of occasion. A custom tuxedo is never meant for the daytime affairs. In effect it should only be worn for evening affairs such as weddings, theater or prom.

Color- Clothes should always be a reflection of your personality. The color can be chosen based on your reflection, the occasion or the weather. For an elegant look going for a classic black or a modern blue can be a good choice. For a summer affair, you could choose an ivory jacket. A royal blue will help you stand out from the crowd. Deciding on a black can never go wrong.

Fitting- Whether it is custom suits cheap or a royal tuxedo, an ill-fitting suit can spoil the whole appearance. Make sure of some key aspects such as

  • The shoulder fitting
  • The jacket length should be such that you can wrap your top two knuckles around the bottom of your jacket.
  • Sleeve length should hit just where the thumb connects your wrist. Allowing only a peek to your shirt.
  • Pant hem-The pant should just reach the ankle bone, leaving no extra fabric resting over the shoe. A shorter version for a funkier appearance could be considered too.

Conclusion -A well-worn tuxedo can make you look elegant. Following these basic etiquettes can help you in carrying off the tuxedo with panache and grace.