Unlike buying t-shirts or any other clothes online, when it comes to custom shirts, the search becomes tricky and daunting too. 

Well, the central idea of buying custom shirts online is to find one with a perfect fit and make from the comfort of your home. For many, this might feel like a risky idea since men are accustomed to heading over to a custom shirt maker, get their measurements, choose the fabric, and then wait for the final product. But, truly, finding a perfect custom shirt online is easier than the one mentioned above, provided you’ve studied the right tips for looking for one. 

So, what are the best ways to ensure the right custom shirt find while saving time and money?

The following tips will come in handy when looking for custom shirts online. 

Measure yourself:

Unlike girls, who can rock a baggy shirt or t-shirt too, men need a shirt that has a perfect fit, is made using their measurements and includes a quality fabric. Men really don’t like nasty surprises when it comes to their shirts, which is why they fear buying custom shirts online.

So, how can you simplify the process?

By taking your measurements for collar size, sleeve, chest, and waist! 

Once you know these numbers, you can easily find a custom shirt that fits you nicely. Remember to check their size guide and alterations process so that you’re shipped a shirt that is customized for your body. 

And match the shirt’s measurements with your real measurements since slim fit shirts size varies from that of regular fit ones. 

Study about the fabric:

The fabric makes all the difference to your custom shirts. It decides the final fit, the type of shirt stitched, its style, and the overall look. So, choose a fabric that gives your skin a nice feel, suits your body, and complements your skin tone. 

And, if you need any help, then imagine yourself wearing that texture and fabric and see if you like the way you look.

Pick the right color:

Just like fabric, a lot of how you look and the type of pants you pair with the custom shirts will depend on the color of the shirt you choose. So, you need to pick colors that complement your skin tone and brings out your overall appeal and charm. 

That said, there might be colors that make you look dazzling so, you pick any of those options and get an amazing textured shirt for your office, wedding, or casual expeditions. 

Be aware of any changes:

Shirts, especially slim fit and extra fitted ones, can very soon become too large or small even with meager fluctuations in pounds. So, be aware of any changes and convey the same to your custom shirt maker.