Planning Your Wedding Day Custom Suit Online Made Easy

Marriages are one of those special days in our lives that we want to remember forever. Your wedding day, if not planned well in advance, can also be stressful. And we don’t want that. A critical aspect of the wedding day and plan includes the clothes. We all want to look the best on this special day. To make it a hassle-free day as far as your suit is considered, just follow these tips.

Follow the season trend for the fabric

Depending on what season your wedding day falls on, choose the fabric accordingly.

  • Autumn or Winter-Although, these are not a popular season for weddings yet you should know the fabrics that match. The correct fabric for custom suits man would be wool, wool-silk, or wool mohair blend. The appropriate colors would be darker shades such as blue, dark blue, midnight blue, black, and charcoal grey.
  • Spring or summer- The perfect time to get married needs you to find the ideal suit too. The preferred fabric in this season would be wool and silk blends with blue or grey colors.

Styling according to the venue

The venue is the second most vital aspect to consider while planning the wedding. Your custom suit online should be in sync with the theme of the wedding. The theme will, in turn, be decided to a great extent by the venue.

  • Beach weddings

Beeches are an exotic place for the wedding. But make sure you wear a suit that is light to carry. Preferably cotton linen or cotton blend. Do not choose a suit made of 100% wool or silk. You can go for the blended fabrics of these kinds. Colors should be more towards the lighter side like ivory or lighter shades of blue.

  • Countryside

Countrysides are becoming a popular site for marriages too. It could be a little harder to predict the weather in such cases. The recommended colors for custom suits man are midnight or royal blue for a stary night appearance.


Make sure you choose a suit that makes you feel comfortable. Though there is a lot of planning to do for your suit do not forget to enjoy the journey. Also, remember to match the dress of your partner so that you both complement each other in your appearance too.