Buying a custom suit online is a very personal decision. There are so many steps involved, and if you screw even one of them, it will cost you extra dollars to get it fixed. 

That said, a great suit can make even an average looking man feel positive and confident, just like James Bond. And, if you believe that only in-house customs suit can give you that touch, then you’re highly mistaken. 

The immense power of the internet has blessed us with an opportunity to buy anything and everything online. All you have to do is look for the right resources, sellers, and prices, and you can shop anything, including custom suits, at the comfort of your sofa. 

But, unlike buying watches or groceries, few elements make up for perfect custom suits, and for some customers, it is tedious to judge that through a computer screen. 

Which is why the following golden rules will help you take charge of your options and find custom suits that not only look good but make you feel confident as well that too at a competitive price range.

Fabric behaves like a raw material:

The quality of a final product depends on the raw materials used to make it. And so is true, for custom suits online too. Fabrics are the raw materials that decide the final look, feel, and style of your suit. You need to look for fabrics that treat your skin tenderly and complements your skin tone as well. 

When looking to buy a suit for a corporate setting, it is always better to choose a blue fabric. That gives you a little gentlemanly and stylish look and preserves your essence as well. 

Choose less black fabrics since that means you’re headed to a funeral.

In terms of the material of the fabric, choose wool for winter and linen for summers. 

The right measurements are the key:

Ever look at a person and his tightly fitted suit, and you think, why can’t I ever pull off something like this! 

Well, this is because you are not using the right body measurements. Be vocal about if you want a tight-fitted suit or a slim fitted one. This way, the tailor knows how to make it for you. The three most important measurements for a suit includes that of chest, waist, and height. 

The fit of a suit defines the occasion:

There are three main options for the fit of custom suits online. These include:

  • Slim: A trendy and stylish concept, unless you’re skinny and do not hit the gym at all. 
  • Modern: A type that suits every man. It gives you a high-street brand look. 
  • Classic: This fit suits traditional men or those that have a bulkier body frame.