Tuxedo Vs Suit: Which Give You A Stunning Look?

There is a very fine line that keeps a tuxedo and a suit on opposite sides. Be it the buttons or the piping, the differences are too minute and yet too intrinsic to be missed out. While the suits are made for almost every occasion, tuxedos were primarily intended to be more formal. Suits are designed to be worn at any time of the day, while tuxedos continue to remain exclusive for special evenings. Suits often manage to fall in the casual category as well if worn in that manner, but tuxedos remain limited to being formal.

Suit v/s Tuxedo

Both define the antiquity of a gentleman. Both deliver a formidable style statement. Both also appear identical. Both still manage to stand on the opposite ends of the styling spectrum. If you are looking for something extra special, you are likely to find yourself more fitting for a custom tuxedo. If you want to look special in your everyday office, a custom suit online is your thing to hone. Though both serve different purposes, it is a compulsion to nail each of them with perfection. A slight misjudgement of size or design and both look as bad as the other.

LesurMesure’s Custom Suits and Tuxedos

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