At LesurMesure, the perfect alliance between technology and craftsmanship comes to life. Our simple process gives you the freedom to create your bespoke garments, while our artisans design them with remarkable efficiency.

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Design your unique Garment

Discover two distinct approaches to your perfect outfit: explore our carefully curated collections or unleash your creativity with our exclusive configurators. Shape every detail and visualize your design, from suits to sneakers. What sets us apart? Our in-house technology, created by us, guarantees a perfect match between your vision and the final product.

Create your body profile

By leveraging artificial intelligence, we make it simple to create your unique body profile. With just a few pieces of information, our sophisticated algorithm will accurately predict your measurements, providing an accurate body profile. Although you can verify these measurements, you can have complete confidence in the predicted values. With more than 10 years of learning from various customer profiles, our algorithm ensures unparalleled precision.

Our artisans bring your design to life

Once your order is validated, our dedicated team springs into action. The fabric or material you have chosen is carefully cut and prepared, then entrusted to our specialist artisans, each master in their field of making.

Our talented artisans operate in regions renowned for their centuries-old traditions.

Once completed, our team of Quality Assurance meticulously examines each product, providing the finishing touches to ensure your order meets the exacting standards we set for ourselves.

Open your package and discover your ideal outfit.

After careful preparation, your order is meticulously packaged and shipped directly to your door, all in just 3 to 4 weeks (and even sooner for some items).

As you discover and put on your new pieces, you will be amazed by the impact of a perfectly fitted outfit on your figure.

Start designing.